The Buddy Holly Story

The Buddy Holly Story

Gary stars as legendary singer Buddy Holly. The story of the life and career of the early rock and roll singer, from his meteoric rise to stardom, to his marriage and untimely death.

The Firm

The Firm

Gary in the film adaptation of the best selling novel The Firm, by author John Grisham. A young lawyer joins a prestigious law firm only to discover that it has a sinister dark side.

Family guy

Family guy

Gary can also be seen as a cartoon character on Family Guy.

Under Siege

Under Siege

Gary with Tommy Lee Jones and Steven Seagal in the hit film Under Siege

On The Drums!

On The Drums!


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I have a hobby that's really wonderful because it helps me understand the meaning of one word with a sentence that reflects the words meaning and definition. These are called Buseyisms. I take these from my own heart, my own spirit and my own soul and make this interpretation so you can hear it and live by it. More on Buseyisms

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What is a Buseyism?

“What is a Buseyism? I take the letters that spell a word to create a definition for the word in the truth of its deeper, dimensional meaning. I weave in my personal anecdotes along with my musings on how I live life successfully according to my experiences.

Who am I, a genius, a crazy madman, to give advice? This is not advice. I am sharing the life lessons I learned while surviving the ups and downs of almost 50 years in Hollywood, a near fatal motorcycle accident, a drug overdose, two divorces, bankruptcy and cancer in the middle of my face. I may turn concepts you usually believe in upside down with my bizarre stories, but that comes with the dinner.

These are my life lessons, my B.I.B.L.E.―Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.”

―Gary Busey

Gary in Mr Peabody and Sherman on Netflix

Gary plays a character in Mr Peabody and Sherman on Netflix. The episode is titled Alternate Universe.


You can read more about this episode and see the trailer here

Gary Stars in Camp Manna

gbcampmannaThe film stars Busey as the slightly-deranged born-again Vietnam vet who manages a Christian camp with the help of a staff of exuberant counselors, and Suttons Bay actor Luke Klein, 15, as the wayward Florida teen who lands there after the death of his parents in an alligator attack.

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Gary Busey joins son Jake Busey in From Dusk Till Dawn


Gary joins his son Jake and makes a special appearance in the hit series From Dusk Till Dawn. Gary’s character is known as the Prospector, a tenacious, tortured miner.

Demi Lovato also makes here series debut in the same episode.

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